High Waist Pleated Skirt

I bought this fabric 2 years ago in the fall to make a dress and I never got around to it, never found a pattern that I liked for it so it sat in my stash for a long time until I went through all my fabric while reorganizing and I decided to do something with it.  I knew I wanted to do something with pleats so I cut the fabric down the center (one side has the large floral print, the other side has lines with stars on them) and pleated the floral side with an inverted box pleat in the front center and all the other pleats toward the center until the top measured waist measurement + 1.5″.  I actually cut out two different bodices to make this a dress and hated both of them so decided to make it a skirt with a large waistband.  I cut a rectangle (waist measurement +1.5″ x 8″) and attached one side, pressed the waistband in half and folded under the seam allowance to hide the seam and sewed it down, then I put in a 12″ invisible zipper in the center back and a hook and eye at the top and VOILA!

I’m wearing it to work tomorrow!

I’ve also decided instead of making a bunch of new year’s resolutions and getting sidetracked and forgetting them I’m going to make a resolution for each month, and here are the first few months:

  1. January – finish one project from the unfinished/alteration project pile per week.
  2. February – don’t buy any new fabric, use the stash
  3. March – post SOMETHING for sale on Etsy.com, I’ve wanted to become a seller for a year now and I’m just too self conscious about my work to actually sell it
  4. April – Start making birthday presents (most of the birthdays in my family are concentrated from May-September and people keep requesting handmade gifts)

Since this month I’m going to finish one unfinished project/alteration from the evergrowing pile, this week I will finish the men’s shirt to tube top that I cut out in August and still haven’t finished

Today I also bought the pattern and fabric for the dress I’ll be wearing to my cousin’s wedding in July, I know its a long way off but I really want to make a nice dress and I haven’t had anywhere to wear one in a while, I’m using this Vogue pattern and keeping it the same color by making it in black linen, I really wanted to make it in a brighter color but the wedding colors are cream, red, and black and I didn’t want to clash with the decor by wearing a lime green dress so I’ll make this black one and maybe make another one later.  This dress also reminds me of Maryy’s dress on Burdastyle.


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