New Project: Vogue 1102 for cousin’s wedding

Worked today with lots of critters (9) and some friends came to watch me work!  Got back to the apartment and the parking lot is frozen solid, that doesn’t happen very often in Georgia, I mean solid, as in I drove my car over it and it didn’t even crack.  Kinda makes me wish I owned some ice skates.

So now I’m bundled up inside cutting out Vogue 1102 in black linen to wear to my cousin’s wedding in July

I need to make up some scrap buckets because my scrap pile is growing since I’ve sewn something almost everyday over winter break, the only issue I foresee with the scrap buckets is that since I don’t quilt or make things for babies my fabric won’t look all pretty like the ones here.

That being said, I actually am working on my first quilt and boy is it time consuming, I have all my pieces cut out (I think) and I’ve sewn together two rows (I’m just using 4″ squares).  I should have started with bigger squares, it would have been way easier.


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