Fantastic Wrap Dress

Last year my friend, now roommate asked me to make her a dress for her birthday.  I thought a jersey wrap dress would be something that she could wear anywhere, dressed up or dressed do

wn so I started looking for a pattern and a nice knit to make it our of, well thank goodness she asked me to make her a dress three months in advance because it took me two months just to find a true wrap dress pattern, there were tons of dresses that looked like the wrapped but none that actually did.  When I finally found a real wrap dress pattern I thought I should get one in her size and one in mine…well they didn’t have mine 😦 so everytime I went to the fabric store I checked to see if it was in and it never was.  I had lost hope…until erdronen posted the Hope Wrap Dress Pattern to Burdastyle…in my size!!!!!

Over Thanksgiving break I was in South Georgia visiting my g-parents and the Wal-mart intown has a fabric department that I sift through everytime I visit.  This time sitting on the $1.50/yd table was a beautiful gray jersey that was the perfect weight for a wrap dress so I cut it out about a week ago and have been working on it a little at a time and here it is ladies and gents.

I didn’t intentionally make it in the same color as erdronen’s dress, this was the only color jersey for $1.50/yd available.


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