Snowed In…and then not so much

We’ve just had a “blizzard” consisting of 1/4″ of snow that quickly melted before nightfall only to freeze overnight, shutting down the road to my apartment and giving my mother endless hours of fun watching people slide off the road in front of her house.

The snow really ruined my weekend sewing plans, as I had reached an impasse on the projects I have going right now.  I’m in desperate need of notions.  I had stocked up on zippers and buttons because that was what I use the most last time they were on sale but now I’m almost out of all my neutral colors of thread and I’m left with bright blue, green, and orange so I’ve stopped sewing until I can get to the fabric store (hopefully in the next few days) and buy more thread, bias tape, and more fabric because if I’m going to finish all the stuff I want to wear on SB10 (cruise to Mexico!!!!!) without buying any new fabric in February, then I need to buy it now.

Since I’m out of usable thread I’ve been cutting out things I want to make in the next few weeks.  Here’s the list:

  1. A dress to wear to the Black Eyed Peas concert (Feb. 4th)
  2. Another plaid flannel ruffle shirt
  3. Batwing top
  4. Simply Beautiful Sundress from one yard wonders

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