One Yard Wonder: Laundry Bag

I live in a tiny apartment near school that lacks a washer/dryer…not the end of the world, I know but it is inconvenient to have to drive all my laundry to my parents house and do it there or to collect enough quarters to do it all at a laundromat (btw did you know it costs almost $3.00 to dry towels!).  I finished class and all my errands early today so I thought I’d work on a project or start a new one, I glanced through One Yard Wonders again and decided to make a laundry bag that I could hang on the back of my bathroom door to keep laundry off the floor and that I could transport laundry to and fro in.

I used one yard of some home dec fabric that I bought on the one dollar a yard table at Walmart.  I still have another yard left that I think I’ll make another laundry bag out of, so that I can keep it sorted and save some time on laundry day.  I changed the pattern which required bias tape by excluding the bias tape and changing the shape of the opening from a circle to a rectangle.  The project took me about 40 minutes and it is working great so far!


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