Sorry I have been MIA for a few days, I have a big test in Cell Biology (super fun) on Friday so I’ve limited my sewing to 30 minutes a day for this week which means I can get 4-5 steps done on a pattern before I have to put it down and do homework. 🙂

Yesterday I finally put the button holes on my ruffled plaid shirt so later today I’ll sew the buttons on and tomorrow I will hem it and Thursday I will wear it!

Waiting to be hemmed:

Pleated Dress from One-Piece Wearables

Simplicity 2587 View B

February is rapidly approaching and I’m regretting resolving to not buy fabric in February, I am going on a cruise in March and would like to make some clothes to wear on the boat.  However I know this is for the best because I will work with my stash and save money to spend on the cruise.

As for my January resolution, I had 6 projects in my UFO pile and I finished 2, the other 4 were deemed unworthy of my time and dismantled/thrown away because they were little experiments of mine that would have been unwearable had I finished them.


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