Finished in time for where is the nice weather

I finished up this shirt yesterday, I don’t know why it took me so long.  All I had left to do was sew on the buttons and hem it.  Maybe I didn’t finish it because I know I can’t wear it yet.  I would love to wear it but since it is below freezing here after our 2nd snow storm of the year!!!!!  Unfortunately the day after it snowed the temp got up to 45 F so all the snow melted and then the puddles froze that night and have remained frozen since.

This week I hope to be finishing a wrap skirt, that I made from a curtain.  The whole goal of my February resolution (don’t buy any new fabric all month) is to get through some of my stash so that I can make room for more fabric.  So far I haven’t moved through much but I have made some plans for some of the fabric.

I have to change my resolution for March and move it to May…I know I’m just putting it off but I’m going on a cruise in March and have several tests, therefore I don’t have the time to put in the amount of work needed to create a garment worth selling.  I do have some original designs in mind though.  I’m moving it to May because I will have more time after the semester is over to sew.  So for March my resolution is to plan a 10 piece Fall collection for myself or my Etsy shop if I can successfully get it off the ground in May.  If I do this only for myself then I have to have half of the pieces designed from scratch and the other half can be from patterns.  If I do this for Etsy then I have to design 8 of the pieces from scratch and 2 can be inspired by patterns, probably Burdastyle patterns because they are open-source so I won’t be in danger of any copyright infringement.


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