I’ve encountered a very unexpected bump in the road to Etsy.  My sewing machine broke yesterday.  Its not serious, probably just from overuse.  I fiddled around with it a little and it hasn’t seemed to help the problem.  I’m going to take a good look at it this afternoon.  This occured about 3/4 of the way through my first dress so if I can’t it to work later today I’ll cut out the other dresses and pack the whole lot up to take to my parents’ house on Easter and use my mother’s machine.

Another thing, obviously it is now April and I didn’t get anything posted to sell on Etsy in March, but since I started working on it in March I’m counting that goal as met.  I also have decided on my resolutions for the next few months.

April: Make undergarments.

May: Make something for my cousin for her birthday.  She has been begging me for years and I really need to do it this year.  Make something for my mother for mother’s day.

June: Make something for my  father for father’s day.


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