I need to actually plan what I sew…

If I’m not sewing, in class, or at work, I’m reading sewing blogs.  Today I was reading So, Zo… and loved the idea of her Me-Made-May challenge, I would love to do it, but…I don’t have a completely hand made wardrobe yet 😦 

So in order to force myself to make a complete wardrobe instead of an outfit or two to complement my recent store-purchases, I’m going to pledge 2 months to Wardrobe Refashion!



2 month pledge


Things I am not including are:

  • undergarments ( i’m not ready to start making these yet)
  • socks ( i can barely knit a straight row)

but seeing as it is only 2 months for now I will be trying not to buy undergarments and socks.

In this 2 months I would like to sew/finish sewing:

  • the pants I started sewing in February ( my first pair of pants)
  • 2-3 skirts (I can see myself making several Beignets)
  • 4-5 shirts/blouses

Up until this point I’ve been sewing mostly dresses and for the past few months I’ve only been sewing them for special occasions.  This has really put a damper on sewing for everyday occasions.

I’m really looking forward to giving myself this challenge.  If it goes well I hope to eventually become a WRer for life.


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