WR confusion

More Confused (Confusion 2) by Waldo#4.

I excitedly told my mother that I was participating in Wardrobe Refashion for 2 months and I thought that I had explained the concept pretty well and explained my goals of sewing more for everyday, but…

It seems that she mistook my thriftyness and creativity for poverty* and she bought me a new, very nice ($300) dress.  So during this 2 month hiatus from clothes shopping, is it ok to accept gifts like this?  Should I wait until the end of my pledge to wear it/ take it home from mom’s house?  Do I use my get out of jail free card? 

This situation got me thinking about other things that may come up if I do WR long term. 

For my birthday my relatives like to give gift cards (they don’t like giving money, but a card with monetary value is fine)  and I get at least one gift card to a clothing store, so what would a WRer for life do with such a thing?  I thought of buying accessories at the store but what if they don’t have any decent accessories?

the photo is from Waldo#4’s flickr

*I am not by any means bashing anyone for doing WR to save money, I’m a college student I understand the art of thrift and saving money, but I explained (very clearly, I thought) to my mother that that was not my intention in giving myself this challenge. 



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