Hitting the Road, Jack

After my 11:30 final, I’ll be hitting the road, going to Bainbridge, GA to plant some peanuts!

My grandparents have a small farm there and this is the 1st planting season since they moved in.  They asked each of their kids and grandkids what they would like grown on the farm and I want PEANUTS!!!!!!!

I love boiled peanuts or as we call it country caviar.  However I can’t seem to find good ones in Atlanta, they are regular peanuts that have been boiled and these Atlantans can’t boil a peanut to save their lives.  You don’t boil regular peanuts, dum dums, you boil green peanuts!  So I’m going down there to plant my peanuts.  I’ll be gone for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday afternoon and as my g-parents still have dial-up, I probably won’t be posting.  But there is an upside, Bainbridge has some antique stores so I’m going to look for vintage patterns and the Wal-Mart has a fabric section!!!!!!!  I know you readers that have Wal-marts with fabric sections are thinking “of course walmart has a fabric section” but not all of them do, in fact in the big city NONE of them do, there is one in the suburbs that has a fabric section but it is only quilting cottons.  Bainbridge Wal-Mart has quilting and apparel and most of the apparel fabrics are on the $2 table 🙂

Where are your favorite places for fabric deals?

Don’t be discouraged by my lack of posts because when I return I will have a full week of sewing!!!!!! NO SCHOOL, NO BOYFRIEND, JUST SEWING 🙂

I’m hoping to make a huge dent in my 2 month goal of making more everyday clothes.  I have 4 fabrics picked out from my stash for making my shirts and maybe one more that I’m on the fence about.

How do ya’ll feel about making clothes from quilting cottons?  I ususally stay away from them for apparel but I bought this beauty a few months back and I planned on making a passport cover, beach bag and other little accessories out of it for my cruise but I never got past the passport cover 😦 so I have just under 2 yds of:

I’m thinking it will make a cute tunic that I just bought a pattern for


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