Sip and Stitch

Roommate and I are having a Wine Wednesday/Sewing Celebration!  So far I have almost completed several UFO/Ps, however all of the UFOs I got further on require black thread and I just ran out!!!!! 

I got a few steps further on:

  1. 1. new quilt for my bed 🙂
  2. my 2nd attempt at the Walkabout dress (this time in floral, because my mother and 2 grandmothers that sew didn’t bother to tell me that making a circle skirt out of stripes results in a crazy mess)
  3. Cushions for chairs for Mom and Dad

And started some completely new projects:

  1. A new dress with the fabric I bought when the Sewing Expo came to Atlanta
  2. A tunic shirt made from Heather Ross Mendocino, Seahorses 🙂
  3. A random shirt that I totally made up on the fly and am almost finished with

All of this in the past 7 hours, to those of you that are jealous that I have tons of free time to sew, I’m only able to do this today 😦  I might stay up all night sewing ( or sew until I run out of thread) because I want to get a huge jump start on summer clothes before school starts on Monday

Hopefully I can borrow Mom and her camera for a photo shoot on Friday and share all my fantastic projects!!!


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