ants in my pants…

I’ve been feeling kind of antsy with my sewing lately.  Just 3 years ago I could barely sew a straight line, and would call my mother (or have her do it for me) at the sight or a dart or a sleeve inset.  Since then I’ve learned alot, mostly by making mistakes and I’ve now been approached about teaching sewing lessons.  I’m very flattered but I’m far from knowing everything I should know about sewing and I think my sewing education has plateaued lately.  But with school 5 days a week and work on the weekends I can barely find the time to take classes, so I’ve decided to give myself “assignments” to pick up new skills.  These assignments involve finding patterns with stuff I’ve never done before or have tried to do on my own and failed miserably.

My 1st assignment involves learning 2 new skills:

  1. using slippery fabrics- tried this before…it was bad
  2. boning-NEW

This is the pattern I’ll be using, Butterick 4918.  I also chose this one because I want a ball gown and I feel like spending a few hundred dollars on a dress in a store, when I have no where to wear it to is unacceptable.  However spending about $40 on fabric and countless hours on one is completely acceptable.

Does anyone have any recommendations for “average” or harder patterns?  I’ve found that most of the BIG 4 patterns are labelled “easy” or “very easy”


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  1. I found your blog through WR – I can’t wait to see what you do with this pattern! It’s sort of been my dream fantasy to sew a dress like this, but I’m nowhere near experienced enough, I’d just end up throwing my machine across the room! 🙂 Good luck!!

    • Thanks, I’ve always wanted a big poufy “princess” dress but for some reason when it was prom time in high school I went for the slinky black numbers. I haven’t bought any of the supplies yet (because my fabric store is always running out of things) but I’ll definitely keep you updated.

  2. When working with slick fabrics, use a piece of tissue paper underneath the fabric as you sew. It keeps the fabric from slipping and after you are finished sewing, just rip off the paper. I hope this helps.

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