No New Fabric

Today I went to the fabric store (Hancock Fabrics) because it was the 1st day of a big saleon zippers, elastic, and some fabrics that I wanted.  I came back with 0 yards of fabric!!!! I couldn’t find a single fabric that I wanted.  I went in looking for poplins and other cottons to make shirts, they didn’t have a single color or print that appealed to me so I have decided that I’m taking a break from Hancock fabrics except for notions (they have good sales on that stuff) and solely buy my fabrics and trims from Gail K (if you don’t live in Atlanta, its the closest thing we have to Mood)

Don’t worry readers just because I didn’t buy any new fabric doesn’t mean that I came home empty handed, I did stock up on elastic (4 packages), zippers (8, 6 for me, 2 for some cushions I’m making for Mom),  interfacing, and I got 3 new patterns.

I finished a skirt but I haven’t had time to take pictures yet so check back tomorrow!


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