Frock By Friday and Dad’s Bday Present

I finished up my Frock by Friday, except instead of doing it over 5 days as it was intended, I did it all Sunday night so that  I could wear it to my Dad’s birthday/housewarming party on Monday. 

I did the button placket different, it wasn’t intentional but it doesn’t look bad so I kept it as is.  I also gathered the front and back pieces to fit the yoke instead of pleating. 

For my Dad’s Birthday I made him new cushions for some old chairs that we haven’t used in a long time.


We got these chairs when I was 5, and haven’t replaced the cushions ever, so they are super old and worn down and uncomfortable to sit on, we haven’t used them except when we absolutely need more seating (XL parties).  My Dad bought a 2nd home a few weeks ago and decided that we should take the chairs up there and use them regularly…they needed a makeover and here is what the new cushions look like.


The new ones are made of a black and tan woven upholstery fabric with 2″ foam inside, they also have a tan braid along the top.

One response

  1. I saw you on Wardrobe Refashion. I think you did a great job on the dress. I really adore the fabric and the style. And nice save on the chairs!

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