SSS plans

After being almost finished with WR-round 1 and having almost met my goals for the 2 months, I realized that none of the clothes I made can be worn together. 😦  So I’m thinking that the clothes I want to have done by September should maybe coordinate, in order to make it easier to wear them daily.  That means I’m putting together my first collection. 

I’m envisioning mocha and black as my neutrals with pops of blues, greens, and all shades in between. 


All of these are from, but I probably won’t order them all, just because I don’t want to add a bijillion yards of fabric to my stash all at once, it would be way too overwhelming.


One response

  1. I am having this same issue as I am preparing for SSS. I just pulled a bunch of fabric out of my stash and started sewing. Now I’m spending a little more than I wanted (not much) trying to get coordinated. But at the same time, like you, I want them to be interchangable somewhat so I’m not wearing 5 “outfits” over and over – hahaha. Hope we accomplish our goals and can’t wait to see how SSS goes for you!

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