Early Father’s Day

My Dad is leaving for China/Vietnam/ Indonesia and he will be gone for Father’s Day. We celebrated tonight with dinner at La Madeleine and a little thrifting at the newest Goodwill in our neighborhood (good finds, post later). This year I made him a t-shirt with the word “ASKA” on it.  Aska is an “adventure area” south of Blue Ridge, GA where my parents just bought a vacation home. 

I bought the green t-shirt at Wal-mart for $4.50 and had the off-white jersey (6yds!) in my stash.  I removed the pocket from the shirt, then cut a large rectange out of the off-white jersey.  I basted the triangle onto the wrong side of the shirt, then turned it right side out.  I wrote block letters in white chalk on the front of the shirt within the basting stitches.  I top-stitched over the chalk lines to make the letters.  Then I used my seam ripper to cut out inside the letters, being careful to only go through the green layer.  Then I removed the basting stitches, and turned the shirt inside out and trimmed the excess fabric so that it didn’t look too bulky.  Hopefully after a few washes the edges around the letters will soften up and look more distressed.

Dad loves his shirt!

This was a really quick project and I may do a tutorial since there are still a few days until Father’s Day, you all can make one for your Dad (or yourself) too!


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