Summer Essentials Sew Along: Part 1 of 5 or 6

I’m participating in the Summer Essentials Sew Along and I just finished the first garment, a top, perfect for summer!

I used the BWOF 6/09 pattern 113.  According to the size chart in the magazine I should have made a 40, but I know thats not right and try as I might I couldn’t find any ease chart for the pattern so I decided to go down to size 38.  I made up the top, not following the directions but making them up as I went along because they were tricky.  I tried the top on when I was finished (btw this was a super quick project, we’re talking 1.5 hrs from tracing the pattern to finished top) and it was a little loose so I thought I’d take it in later if I needed to.  So  I went on my merry way to watch a movie at boyfriend’s apartment.  I stopped by Krystal to pick up dinner and get out of the car, next thing I know my tube top is around my hips and I’m standing in the parking lot of a fast food restaurant on a busy intersection in my bra!!!!!!  Luckily it is a super cute leopard print strapless bra with little pink bows and not my usual strapless bra.  So first thing this morning I took it in an inch on each side and viola, it fits!!!

1 down, 4 or 5 more garments to go in the summer essentials sew along

Because this is made of knit fabric I’m counting it as one of my t-shirts for SSS

Also this top is kinda long so I may lengthen it by 3-4 inches next time I make this and wear it as a dress


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