The Rule of Three…or why I almost never wear the clothes that I make.

I’m sure that most of you are familiar with the rule of three: don’t buy (or make) anything that won’t go with three things that are already on your closet.  I don’t follow this rule when I shop or when I sew, which is why I have 2.5 closets full of clothes, most of which I rarely wear. 

On a typical day you will find me wearing my favorite skinny jeans, which have about 4 or 5 wears left in them before the rapidly expanding hole in the crotch renders them unwearable and a t-shirt or tank top that I bought on discount that summer(2 years ago) that I worked at Abercrombie & Fitch.  It was during that summer that I really started to sew clothes.  I had been sewing since I was about 6 or 7, purses, doll bedding, when I got into middle school and took home economics I made stuffed animals and I started and never finished a beautiful Renaissance gown that was to be my Halloween costume.  In high school I made messenger bags, since I could never find cute bags that could also fit all of my school books, but after the disappointing failure that was the Renaissance gown I stayed away from clothes. 

I went to college, and it was here that I really developed my sewing skills.  In the absence of mothers that would magically fix your clothes while you slept, many of my friends discovered holes in their favorite pajamas or pants that didn’t fit well, they turned to me to  teach them how to fix these things and I realised that I loved sewing clothes.  That year I (successfully this time) made my Halloween costume, a belly dancer outfit, and I haven’t unplugged the sewing machine since. 

Enough back story, why don’t I wear the clothes I sew?  Because I impulse buy whatever print or color strikes my fancy and I don’t take into consideration what I already own.  That and because the stash has completely taken over my sewing room and living room and when I put a print or new weird color in the stash by the time I see it again it is out of style or out of season and I just make something to get it out of the stash. 


I love this skirt, I really do.  I have 1 shirt that goes with it, so I can only wear it with that one shirt, resulting in wearing the same outfit over and over again, so I’ve worn this skirt a total of 2 times.  I bought the fabric because I loved the border print and now because I didn’t think when I bought it, it sits in my closet.

This jacket!  Oh what was I thinking?  The print is black squiggly plaid on a white background!  I made this as my first attempt at a jacket, but I was still scared of buttonholes.  So there is no closure, that and my mother had just bought a serger so I experimented on the serger with this jacket.  I remember being extremely proud of it at the time and now I’m mortified everytime I see it in my “handmade” closet.

Oh the holiday Marie!  I love this fabric, a sweatshirt knit with gold foil damask!  It is so comfy to wear but I honestly think that I should have made pajama pants out of it instead of a party skirt.  When I bought the fabric I envisioned wearing it to a nice holiday cocktail party, high on the waist with a cranberry or dark green tight v-neck sweater, 2 problems: 1) those parties don’t exist when you are 21 and in college 2) the sweaters I envisioned also do not exist

Do any of you experience this “sewer’s remorse”?  If so please share so I don’t feel like a total failure!


2 responses

  1. Aha! I found you. I am trying very hard to not have any closet-orphans, and the only thing that’s helped me with buyers/sewers remorse is the fact that I have a 1) very small closet and 2) move every three years (I don’t want to haul stuff!). But the problem is I only buy basic fabrics that I know I’ll like and use no matter the season/trend — but no prints whatsoever, so my wardrobe tends toward the lackluster. Ah, what to do?

    Love the denim pants! I think I might need to buy that issue, or get it via BurdaStyle. I’ve dreamed of making those exact pants and the off-the-shoulder peasant blouse. Now I just need to to buy hairspray and hang out in diners and start smoking again and get that retro-chic-look going on. Jk, of course! But I love the photos in that issue, ah! 🙂 And that low-backed dress? Save me.

    • The pants should be up on Burdastyle soon, I’m waiting for them to upload the 08-2009 patterns, that Parisian chic collection is to die for! Thanks so much for coming up with the Summer Essentials Sew Along. It has done wonders for my sewing motivation.

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