Outfit: Sencha and Retro Denim Pants

Yesterday I finished sewing the snaps on the first of many Senchas.  Today I went to the fabric store and used a 40%off coupon on this stretch denim and thought I would get a good start on these pants and I actually finished them!  The pattern is BWOF 2/10 pattern #111, its a petite pattern, made for people my size!!!  I cut out a size 20 planning on them being a little snug, and in tradition with me making Burda patterns it was way too big and I took them in about an inch on each side of the waist but only half an inch around my hips. 


I loved the pattern, from Colette Patterns, but I don’t like my version of it.  The large neck facing and sleeve hem show through my light fabric.  I’ll also definitely be usign buttons from now on instead of snaps, less handsewing and less of a hospital gown feeling. 

This is my last blouse for my WR goals!!!

Next time I’ll make Sencha in a darker/thicker fabric so there won’t be as much show through where the facings are, maybe a black sateen one with the keyhole neckline.


Love these pants!  I’m a little reluctant to call them “jeans” because they don’t have the front fly, or any other jean like features, but they are made of stretch denim and I made them to replace my holey crotch favorite jeans, until I can muster up the courage to make real jeans. 

I like the retro look of these pants and I think they would go great with a tie-front blouse!  I’ll definately make these again, probably a size or two smaller next time.

These count as my “clam diggers” for the Summer Essentials Sew Along


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  1. These are too stinking cute, and I think your Sencha is darling! I’ll be following your Summer Sewing Essentials progress! I’ve joined too, but we’ll see how much I get done. I usually plan WAY more than I can ever finish. 🙂

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