New Fabric!!!

I’ve been moving through my stash with pretty impressive speed, so fast that I have about 8yds of fabric (that I still like) left in the stash, some of it is not in season and will have to wait for fall/winter or next spring.  Since I’ve used so much fabric lately I ordered some new fabric on

The Mocha twill is destined to be Ruby shorts.

The Royal Blue Terry Cloth is going to be a super sweet surprise that I hope to finish next week, when some of the insanity calms down and I can make it to the fabric store for notions. (Hint: it is one of the summer essentials)

The Medium Blue Twill will be Beignet number 2, I can’t decide if I want to do self-covered buttons again or do something different.

The Polka Dot jersey is something I have been eyeing for quite some time.  I don’t have a plan for it but I really like it.  The website says that the dots are orange and teal but when I opened it up it looks more like salmon and blue, but I still love it.  I’ll probably start off with a t-shirt and stick the rest in my stash.

As for the rest of my stash, the fabrics I don’t like.  The reason I don’t like them is because of the BOLD prints, they also look kinda childish and are made of mystery fibers.  So what is my plan for these fabrics?  I think they would be perfect for younger girls learning to sew, so I’ll be saving them for when I have children, thereby removing them from my stash and starting a stash for my future sewistas.


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