Goals for this week

I have some projects in various state of incompleteness that I would like to finish before getting into full SSS swing.  So this week I want to get one step further on each project every day. 

  1. Quilt!  I’m not really into quilting but I needed a new bedspread so I thought I should make it…3 months later it is still unfinished.  It is very close though.  I’m working on my “quilt sandwich” I have the top attached to the batting and backing and I’m working on lining up the sides, the problem is this quilt is huge!  It is queen sized quilt and I don’t really have a big enough area to spread the whole thing out, I’m considering taking it outside and laying it out on the grass to make sure I get the sides all lined up, since I need to wash it when I finish it anyway.  So this week I’d like to get the top completely attached to the backing and batting and I’d also like to buy the binding this week to prepare for next week.
  2. I started a new walkabout dress about 2 months ago and I’ve been slowly collecting bias tape for it but now I can only seem to find one package of it so this week I’d like to get all the bias tape on the whole dress. Next week I’ll put the snaps or buttons on it and then it will be finished.
  3. I cut out and started a blue Beignet last week and I’m about halfway through with it, I’d like to finish it by Friday so I can wear it to work this weekend. 
  4. I cut out a Marie (Burdastyle) and stitched together the skirt but never cut out the waistband so this week I need to cut out the waistband and put it on, the zipper might have to wait until next week.
  5. Last night I traced the shorts pattern I’ll be using for SSS, I’d like to finish making the pattern, adding seam allowance, cutting it out, pinning it to the fabric, this week. Next week I’ll start stitching.

This is alot of stuff to get done this week, on top of school and work, but I really need to get through these UFOs before I can get started with my major SSS goals.  I’m also moving in 2 months so I need to de-stash, moving clothes is easier than moving fabric!


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