Floral Print Cynthia Rowley Dress

I made this in the spring, and it is a few sizes too big, instead of taking it in right after I made it I decided maybe my mom would like to have it, it should fit her.  But I never got around to taking it home and I saw it in my closet this morning and decided to give it a go.

It is VERY low in the front, so I had to wear a cami to cover up my bra in the middle.  I like it, its loose and kinda flowy, I like the print, I like that it isn’t tight anywhere so I might be keeping it. 

I might make it again soon in my polkadot knit that I just got from fabric.com

You may have noticed that I’m reconsidering all of my past projects that I typically wouldn’t wear.  I’ve decided to wear everything I’ve made at least once this summer (except coats and winter stuff) and see how they wear.  I think this will help me get over my insecurities about people noticing my mistakes.

This dress was a succcess, my TA asked me where I got my Patagonia dress…I told her it wasn’t Patagonia…I made it 🙂


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