Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July to my American readers, happy late Canada day to any Canadian readers…other readers I don’t have the slightest what holidays you celebrate or when, but let me know and I’ll give you a shout out on your special day. 

Last week I made a skirt for my photo session with boyfriend tomorrow, I decided to wait until I get the photos back before posting it, since the photographer can probably take a much better photo of it than I can with my “tripod”(my camera sitting on top of a box of pudding, on top of a barstool).  I also got most of my 2nd Beignet finished before realizing that I was missing something…buttons.  I also got another Summer essential cut out and now it needs some notions. 

Last Fall for my school break I went to NJ with some friends and stayed with my friends parents, we went into NYC for a bit and I dragged everybody to Mood.  I limited myself to 1 and only 1 fabric purchase because at the time my stash was rapidly multiplying.  I bought a cotton floral print that I knew would be a summer sundress, so it sat in my stash all winter until this month’s Frock by Friday, by Grosgrain.  The dress this month was the Tara pattern my Burdastyle, lengthened,  I thought I should use my Mood fabric instead of buying something else.  Well readers I messed up horribly and now my Mood fabric is ruined.  I did get some embroidery hoops at Goodwill a few weeks back that I was planning on using as  art with fun bright fabrics in them but I might see if I can salvage a large chunk of the fabric for artwork so that I at least get something out of my Mood fabric.

This week got really hectic and I didn’t post nearly as often as I wanted to, because I didn’t have an FO to show ya’ll.  I think next week I’m going to try scheduled postings and get into a regular posting groove.


One response

  1. I get so mad at myself when that happens. Especially, if it’s a special piece of fabric. I did something like that last week- cut out a skirt without being careful and measuring and now I don’t know if it is going to fit and I really like that fabric. I am trying to make myself finish it and remembering “I can always donate it.”

    Can’t you save enough of your pretty fabric to use it for a ruffle or some sort of trim or top?

    Happy Fourth.


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