Basics…to cut in bulk or not to cut in bulk?

While preparing for SSS I’ve been posting my creations in the Flickr pool as have some of the other participants and one participant posted 3 JJ blouses from Burdastyle that are lovely, they all look different and are a wardrobe staple.  My wardrobe is lacking in the blouse area.  I usually wear blouses to work but since I only work on the weekends I only have a few and they are ill-fitting. 

Should I turn my sewing room into a blouse factory for a week or so? 

I could use the same pattern (I have JJ and another blouse pattern that I adore)  for 3 or 4 blouses, use very different fabrics and alter the patterns a little bit, by varying the number of ruffles or the length of the blouse.

I think that the repetitive actions involved in making the same thing several times would streamline my sewing because after making the 1st one I won’t have to keep looking at the directions.

Do any of ya’ll do this when making basics?  I think I’ll try this out in a few weeks after I gather supplies.


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  1. When I first saw the title I thought you meant to pile up a lot of fabrics and cut them all at once- and my first impulse was to scream, “NO!.” I have never had good luck with that method. Something in the middle always slips and I am left with a weird shape that is useless.

    Of course I am speaking as a teacher, cutting patterns out of paper. I know a lot of very clever people are able to stack lots of fabrics on a mat and use a rotary cutter, but I don’t think that is where my gifts lie. As to the idea of making several blouses, one right after another, that sounds like a good idea; however, I’m not totally sure about thinking the instructions are memorized. Watch out- I have done the same thing with recipes and left out a step.

    I like that pattern. It will interesting to see what variation you come up with.


  2. Yes! I’m doing this now. I gave myself last week and I think I’m going to take another week :0 but I’m having so much fun sewing them! I did two of one pattern and two (er, three) of another. Both patterns are incredibly easy, high reward, but given the color and print will work with nearly anything. You’ll be seeing them lots in September!

    And the sewing has been much easier, I will admit. Though I still need the instructions, since I know what I’m doing, I breeze through it in rounds two and three. Can’t wait to see yours! I’ve always admired the JJ 🙂

  3. I do this a lot, but just make sure and take breaks because sewing things assembly style can get tedious and make it not as much fun. Good luck!

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