Brief Update on my life as of last week

There has been alot of stuff going on the past few weeks that isn’t sewing related and I decided to share a little bit.

I got some new pets!  Boyfriend and I caught 3 toadlets and since I know how to care for animals we are keeping them.  I didn’t want to announce on here that I had new pets because to be honest I wasn’t sure they would survive the transition from live bugs to chopped up crickets.  However it has been 3 weeks and they are eating their crickets so I’ll share now.

They are each a little different from the others so we named them, Ed is the runt, he is about half the size of the biggest one.  Wilson is the biggest, he is also slightly lighter than the other two.  Jackson is the middle one, he is the same color as Ed, but his spots on his back are more clumped together. 

They are super fun to watch, they are still a little jumpy so I don’t want to handle them more than I have to, because they are so small I’m worried that I’ll hold on to them too hard. 

They are also pretty hard to get good pictures of because my camera makes a noise before it takes the picture and the noise scares them so then they jump away. 

These guys bring my pet count to 5: 3 toads and 2 shrimp 🙂 

Also boyfriend and I celebrated our 1st anniversary on June 27th, however I had a test the following day so Thursday he took me out to dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, Woodfire Grill, the chef/owner is Kevin Gillespie from last season’s Top Chef.  This was the 2nd time that we have eaten there, both times we did the chef’s tasting which is a 5 course blind tasting.  I did the vegetarian tasting and my 2nd course was this amazing fried squash blossom with cheese grits inside!

I’ll be back with more sewing this week!

3 responses

  1. How long can you keep the toads? Are you planning to release them? Are you sure you have all boys (ha-ha)?

    Where did you get the shrimp? What are you going to do with them?

    Makes our dog, cats and turtle seem tame. Speaking of the food, my daughter was asking me what we feed the turtle. She had taken the class pet home for the summer. I told her I brought the food at the pet store- Reptile Sticks. She said she did lettuce and worms. I explained ours is an aquatic turtle – and hers isn’t.

    • I’m planning on keeping the toads forever. I’m not sure that they are all boys but there isn’t a way to tell externally if they are male or female so I guess I’ll find out if I have eggs in their water dish one day.

      I got the shrimp for Christmas 3 years ago they are little red shrimp about the length of the white part at the top of a pinkie nail. They are actually in an ecosphere, you can order them online. They are more for decoration than pets, but they were my dorm room pets since I wasn’t allowed to have non-aquatic pets, or any aquatic pets that required more than 10 gallons of water.

      What kind of turtle do you have?

      • A Yellow-Bellied Slider (originally from S.C.). They live in the rivers and marshes with the alligators. My son had two and then someone gave him a baby. He had planned to put them back in the wild when he moved back but was worried about them adapting after having lived in a large tank for over two years- so to Atlanta they came. They stayed with us for a while until he got a large place. We really missed them so he gave us the little one who seems happy to be the only. When I talk to him, he comes to the side of the tank and sticks his head out of the water.

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