will you still love me…four weeks from now?

Just letting you all know that the next few weeks will be light on posting because they will be light on sewing.  I’m wrapping up my research project which means lots of sciency writing, so I’m kinda all typed out at the end of the day.  I also will be moving to a new ( :D) apartment at the end of August so I’ll be packing up some things, sewing machine last of course. 

I’ll probably have some home dec sewing to do in the next couple of months as I work on a cohesive look for my first grown-up apartment.  I’m also thinking of building (with Dad’s help) an outdoor couch!

Something to expect as I’m packing…fabric giveaways!  I need to seriously destash, since I’m moving from a 1200sq ft apartment with a roommate to a 600 sq ft studio (the 600sq ft includes the HUGE porch) by myself, so any fabric that I have had for 2+ years can be yours, or can go to Goodwill. 

I’ll try to post at least once a week, with something I’ve sewn/worked on.


One response

  1. Yes, I’ll still love you four weeks from now 🙂 Good luck with the research project and the move! I’ll keep my eyes peeled for fabric, too!

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