Stitches away from finishing my first quilt (Its horrible by the way), I thought about tossing it and starting over.  I won’t, I’ve come too far on this project not to finish it.  I did however look around online for a free quilt pattern since I didn’t use a pattern on this one and I clearly need instruction.  I really liked the Sexy Hexy free pattern from Amy Butler, but since I just spent $80 (I realize this is probably cheap for a quilt, but I’m on a college budget) on my first quilt I wasn’t quite ready to plop down my hard earned cash for more quilter’s cotton.  I did however stumble upon Texas Freckles hexagon charm quilt piece along, considering that this will take a huge amount of time and tiny pieces of fabric from affordable charm packs I’m in! 

Tonight I cut out 1 hexagon from each of the 4 quilter’s cottons that I have.  Later this week I’ll be headed to Whipstitch here in Atlanta to buy a charm pack. 

I’ve decided on the 1.5″ hexies so I’ll be cutting out 540 hexies.  I’ll probably cut them all before I start piecing them together.  I think this is a good project to start right now because I’m very busy with school so I don’t have time to sew alot but I can set a goal for myself to cut a few hexies a day and scratch my sewing itch.  Once I have them all cut out I can easily carry a few with me to work or class to piece together when I have a spare moment. 

I read over all of the posts for the piece along and I think that I will layout my pieces in same colored flowers and then arrange the flowers at random. 

I have some large scraps of quilter’s cotton that I would be willing to cut up and send to people in need of charm sized pieces. 

I’ll be adding a page for this piece along to post pictures and record my progress.


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