Beignet 2.0

This is my 2nd Beignet from Colette Patterns.  I used medium blue twill from, Ikea curtains for the lining, and matching blue buttons from Hancock fabrics.  Last time I cut a 2 and it was a little large, this time I cut a 0 and it is a teensy bit snug in the waist, but I also just ate lunch so we’ll see how it looks when I put it on first thing one morning.  It also needs a good press, my iron is not up to the challenge, so I’ll have to wait until I visit my parents to get those seams properly pressed. 

I L-O-V-E this pattern.  I can see myself making at least one Beignet skirt every season for the rest of my life!  This color is great for spring/summer and I wish I had made it earlier in the year so I can get more wear out of it.  I also handstitched the hem during class one day. 

This is my Summer Essentials Skirt, I chose a light color twill and very lightweight lining so that I can wear it on the hottest of days.  I really like this skirt because it can be dressed down when I go out with my friends or dressed up and its long enough to wear to work.

I’ll definately be making more Beignets in the future, I’m thinking a black one, and maybe a yellow, any other suggestions?


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    • Thanks! I saw Jessica’s, I’ve been dreaming for a mustard yellow corduroy Beignet for months but its not the right time of year for it, hopefully this fall I’ll be able to find a good fabric for it.

  1. Yes, yellow sounds great! Oh, I can imagine this skirt in every colour possible. I think it could be great in many ways. Looks great on you too by the way. And thanks for giving me an idea for using Ikea fabric. I have some lying around here and I haven’t found an idea for using it. But lining, ofcourse!

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