Striped Mini Tee Dress + Hexie update

Back in November before I was comfortable sewing knits I bought three t-shirts from Charlotte Russe, so naturally they weren’t the best quality.  They were all the same tee in different colors, all boatneck all 3/4 sleeved and I loved them…so much that they quickly wore out. 

After the first one wore out I decided to turn it into a pattern.  I ripped it up, traced it onto posterboard so that  I have a super durable pattern for later.  I bought some value knits from Hancocks and a nice knit from Gail K Fabrics. 

I’ve made 2 of these so far, one ended up getting shortened into a t-shirt.  I also have 2 more cut out waiting for me to sew.

This is the resulting mini dress from the Gail K fabric, its a navy and white striped knit.  It did shrink a bit in the wash so I haven’t really been wearing it as a dress, more like a tunic or swim cover up.

I actually made this at the end of March intending to open shop on Etsy and sell mini t-shirt dresses but after I washed it, it shrunk so much that I didn’t feel comfortable selling it.  I do still plan on opening an Etsy shop eventually but right now I’m really lacking in creative direction.  Maybe in a few months. Sigh.

P.S. the stripes match on the sides 🙂


I now have 42/540 cut out and basted, which means I have 8% of the pieces done. 

Tomorrow Beignet photos!


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