Vote for my next dress!

I have a wedding to attend exactly one month from today and I have nothing to wear. 

I know I want to make my dress and I should have ample time to do so, I was sorting through my patterns today and I pulled out all of the ones that would be suitable for this wedding, its indoors (thank God!) but it will still be August in Georgia…in other words hotter than hell.

I can’t decide on a pattern so I’m leaving it up to my readers to decide, we’ll have a March Madness-esque bracket and I’ll whip up the winner in time for the wedding.

So here are the elite eight that we’ll be choosing from:



Leave a comment picking your winner for each round, I’m also open to fabric suggestions, keep in mind that it will probably be in the mid to high 90s on the day of the wedding so I’ll want to keep the fabric light.

I’d like to stashbust on this project but I don’t really have very many special occasion fabrics.  I do have about 2 yds of pink stretch satin and 2 yards of navy stretch satin.  I am very open to purchasing new fabric since my stash is limited.

I have to tell you that I’m leaning against the left dress in game 2, this has been a popular bridemaids dress this season and I don’t want to accidently look like a bridesmaid.  I could always choose an untraditional fabric to make it different though.

Final Four starts on Monday so get your votes in before then!


3 responses

  1. Ooh I like games! Ok, here are my picks.
    Game 1: dress 2
    Game 2: dress 1
    Game 3: dress 1
    Game 4: dress 2

    Out of all of these, I like game 1 dress 2 but I’m also very partial to buttons, and if you don’t like making buttonholes that might not be a great choice. Especially in satin! So then I’d go for game 3 dress 1, as it looks fairly easy yet the back detail is nice, especially at weddings where there will be tons of pictures taken from all angles! Good luck 🙂

  2. game 2 first one or game 4 second dress. Would look great in light weight fabrics both would be able to catch a breeze and keep you feeling a little cooler when blowing the bubbles outside waiting for the bride and groom.

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