Wearable Muslins

I’m working on my shorts for SSS, I have some cheap gingham that I bought at walmart ($1/yd) that I’ll be making a muslin out of, I think that if it works I’ll have some cute gingham shorts, if not…oh well it will have cost me about $4 and I’ll know what I need to change before cutting into more expensive fabric. 

I don’t know about your fabric store but at my fabric store actual muslin (60″) is $4.99/yd!  Rediculous, its muslin!  So I rarely buy muslin and when I do its usually to actually use as my main or contrast fabric.  I like the uneven texture and markings on unbleached muslin. 

Instead of spending all that money on muslin I tend to use walmart fabrics as my “muslins”.  Sad news though after killing off most mom and pop fabric stores walmart is phasing out their fabric departments.  Right now there is only one walmart in Metro Atlanta that I know still has fabric, there is also one in South Georgia near my grandparents that will have fabric until the end of August.  I did have a fantastic experience at a walmart in NC which had a fantastic fabric department, mostly apparel fabrics!  I spent about $50 in that walmart just on fabric,  which is impressive considering most of the fabrics they sell are $1-2/yd!

I’ll have pictures of the muslin up soon.


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