Final Four

Voting ends 11:59:59 7/20/2010 EST!

Thinking about these dresses makes me want to finish that ball gown that I started months ago.  So I thought I’d give ya’ll an update.

I’ve sewn together the front bodice, except for the boning.  Why haven’t I gotten to the boning yet, because my local Hancock’s has been out of it for months!  I keep checking everytime I’m there but they never have it in stock.  I’ve asked them to order more but I only need a yard and a quarter so I don’t want to custom order a whole box.  I just got a 20% off your entire purchase at Joann’s so maybe I’ll drive all the way to Joanns this week for some boning so I can get a move on this ballgown, I want it finished before I move cause its hogging up my dressform (I’m worried if I remove it from the dressform it will never get finished.)

This afternoon I’ll get the skirt part together!


3 responses

  1. I like the game 2 first dress. the clean lines and the bow in the back would be beautiful in a lightweight cotton or batiste especially for the hot Georgia weather.

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