I’m wearing my clothes!

Since my post about why I never wear my clothes, I’ve tried to wear at least one thing that I’ve made everyday.  I haven’t taken pictures because I don’t want ya’ll to get sick of seeing my clothes before September.

Most of the tops and bottom I’ve made are kinda flowy, so I don’t like to wear them together, pairing a flowy top with a flowy bottom just doesn’t look good on me, so I’ve found myself pairing my flowy skirts with fitted tees and my flowy tops with skinny jeans.  This tells me that before September I better make some fitted tops and bottoms! 

My insecurities with wearing me-made clothes have mostly gone away there are some garments that I made when I first started sewing that I’m still uncomfortable wearing.

I used to get asked if I had made my clothes when I wore them out and I felt like they looked homemade and therefore bad.  Now people find out that I made my clothes when they ask me why I’m bandaged up.  I’m very clumsy with pins, needles, and IRONS!!!  My current major (as in leaves a scar) iron injury count is 5.  Those are usually the big ones but on any given week I stick myself at least 3-5 times, usually only one bleeds profusely though.  I really need a tetanus shot, since I haven’t had one since I was 14!

P.S. Boyfriend is getting me a tripod for my bday so I can take fantastic pictures for SSS!

One response

  1. Most of my injuries come from the rotary cutter, but I also bruised my finger really badly this week by lowering the presser foot on it – ouch!

    You shouldn’t feel self-conscious, since the things you make are cute – so I’m glad you aren’t anymore! Sometimes I worry about that too, but I figure at least I know I’ll be the only one wearing what I made!

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