Project Ball Gown


Here it is so far!  The front is finished. 

Here is what I have left:

  1. sew together the back bodice and back skirt
  2. attach boning
  3. insert lining
  4. insert zipper
  5. find ball to attend

3 responses

  1. That looks really promising. I love the bodice and the yellow is so vibrant. I can’t wait to see you modeling it!

    Oh.. and I suggest you just organize a ball yourself. Much easier than waiting for some ball to come along 🙂 Because seriously, a dress like this definitely needs to be worn in public!

  2. I agree with Karin. That dress needs to be worn. It looks like a column of sunshine- magnificent! Are you a member of any clubs, or is your boyfriend, who (the clubs) might be talked into holding a really elegant event with the members doing food, decorating etc- if cost was a factor – and it usually is, for me. Also places like the ABG, Fernbank, all the arts organizations, Carlos Museum, etc. from time to time have these galas. Maybe you could keep your ears out for such occasions and quickly buy a 1 year student membership so you could show off that beautiful masterpiece.

    Linda C

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