Calling a Fashion Gynecologist!

Lately I’ve hit a wall with my sewing, maybe its because I have so much other stuff that I have to get done, so I’m rushed and not taking care to do the extra steps that make my garments perfect.  Maybe I’ve just gotten used to sewing from Big 4 patterns and need to adjust to Burda patterns or re-adjust to my own patterns. 

Last week I started work on my wearable muslin for some Burda shorts.  I decided to go with a muslin because the fit on all my other Burdas has been way off.  I followed the directions as well as I could but the pattern is wrong for anyone that has the slightest bit of curve in their hips.  The front is pleated…so they make me look like I have a poufy uterus.  I’m very glad that I made the muslin so I didn’t ruin my good twill.

Then a few days ago the swimsuit bug bit me again, I’ve always made swimsuits without a pattern because the patterns that I find at the fabric store are too “old” for me, I’m not a fan of mid-rise bikini bottoms.  So as usual I sat down with some lycra and underwear that fit well, this time to make a one-piece, vintage-inspired suit in black, very chic.  Well, I cut it out, using the last of my black lycra, stitched together the crotch and the side seams, and checked the fit.  Again I had a poufy uterus, it was horrible, I couldn’t even deal with this failure,so I scrapped it!

I’ve got some easy projects lined up for this week to hopefully get my mojo back.


One response

  1. Maybe it’s a front crotch curve thing? I don’t really know. I have stayed away from pants because I get smiles in the front and bagginess at the back thigh.

    I know there’s a lot of discussion on pants online. Maybe Google “pants fitting” or something…HTH!

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