Easy Projects for a Hard Week

I made this from 1 yd of “value” (which means sheer) knit fabric, using the same pattern I made for my T-shirt mini dress.  This is going to get alot of wear in September, it is faintly nautical and really comfy.  I didn’t bother finishing the hems, if they start to unravel with wear, then I’ll hem them but I didn’t feel like doing it right now.

Another t-shirt from 1 yd of value knit fabric, Ididn’t use a pattern for this one I just made the fold the shoulders and cut Ls out of the bottom sides to make the sleeves and stitched the side seams using a zig-zag,  I cut a strip out on the fold for the neck hole and just pulled it so it rolled, again I didn’t really feel like hemming this one.  This one will also get alot of wear in September.

I have been working on very small, quick projects this week because I’ve been writing my final research paper for my senior research project and working on my research presentation!  Tough stuff!

I’ll post a dress I made over the weekend and a hexie update later this week.

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4 responses

  1. Cute tops! Quick and easy projects are always a great break in between the more involved stuff. But you want to hear something funny. I have the same exact fabric in the 2nd pic and I was going to make a top almost identical with it. I guess great minds think alike.

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