This dress looks like an apron….PATTERN GIVEAWAY

Ok, this project was kinda a project just to use up some things, the fabric was from Goodwill, and it was $1.30,  I’m trying to reduce my stash of both fabric and patterns by using all the fabric and going through the patterns to see which ones work for me and which ones don’t.  This one doesn’t work for me.  I put it on and it looked like an apron.  The bust piece is for a smaller bust so I made it a size larger and it still doesn’t fit right, the midriff piece is supposed to create the illusion of a waist for ladies that don’t have a defined waist.  I have a defined waist so the midriff piece just kinda turns my waist into a rectangle in the middle of my torso, its also too long for my body as this is not a petite pattern.  The length was way too long, I had to cut 9″ off the skirt so now it hits me right above the knee. 

This pattern has other bodice options but I think that the midriff piece is not for me, so if anyone wants this pattern:

leave a comment describing what one of these dresses would look like if you made it.

Some of the pattern is cut, some isn’t, the pieces that are cut are cut to size 8 which measures Bust:31.5 (34w/ease)

Also leave your e-mail in the comment so that i can contact the winner


One response

  1. Hmm, I’ve been meaning to make a sundress kinda like the blue or the yellow one (still undecided about the shape of the bodice…). I’ve got this really cute white fabric with blue embroidered flowers. I’d make it a little shorter (above the knee sounds right) and it needs a slightly swirly skirt. The pattern looks pretty and I think the midriff part would look ok on me – I’m a size 10-12 though, and I’m not sure if I could manage upgrading the size… (If nobody else wants it and if you don’t mind shipping internationally, I’d try it, though – can’t be that difficult to learn ;-).

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