AUGUST 1- Summer Essentials Deadline or maybe not

So today is the first of August aka the Summer Essentials deadline, and I think I did pretty well.

I made capris!! Which made me feel a whole lot more comfortable making pants than I was before, so comfortable that I went out and bought the most expensive fabric I’ve ever bought to make some black pants in the next week.

I made tees, and a tube top!  Those have gotten me more comfortable with knits, which can be scary if you don’t own a serger. 

I made a sundress, I’m not at all happy with it, as it does nothing for my shape, but I made one!

I made skirts!  I still haven’t shown you the black skirt I made because I’m waiting for the pics to come in from the photographer but it is super awesome!  And I made that beignet and the green skirt too!

On the other things:

Poolside Pretties: I have a cover up cut out, but I haven’t had the time to finish it, I solemnly swear that I will finish it before I go to the lake on August 8th!

Those Summer Nights:  I’m taking a different approach to this category as it is still sweltering even at night here, I’m making very light (and small) pajamas, the top is finished, the bottoms are not!

So counting the 2 projects at the halfway mark (if you recall from 3rd grade fraction addition 1/2 +1/2=1) I have 5 out of the 6 categories!

I will have all of these finished by the end of August as I have a bunch of days off starting MONDAY :)!!!!!!  And many more projects finished.  I’m planning on getting so much sewing done that I won’t even show you the projects as they come off the feed dog.  I would be posting too much so you’ll get to see one a day and that way you’ll see some new stuff as I wear it in September!


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