As I said in my last post, it is still in the ninetys here at night, maybe high eightys if we’re lucky, so instead of making a cardigan, I made a sleep set, out of my cream jersey (I know you’re probably sick of seeing cream jersey over here) from

I used the McCall’s DIY Style pattern 6128,  I made both the racerback top and the underpants (view E) in a size 4.  The top fits well but one of the armholes is a little lettuce edged cause I stretched it a little while I sewed it, I’m hoping that will go away after I wash it.  The bottoms took me 2 tries and they still aren’t perfect.  The first try I ignored the grainline on the pattern piece and the leg binding didn’t stretch the way I cut it, so they made it up to my knees when I tried them on.  The second try I got the binding right, but they don’t cover my whole backside.  You see I made a 4 because if the finished hip measurement, but I forget that I have alot of junk in my trunk so the underpants only cover 2/3rds of my backside.  Considering this is a sleep set and the tank is a little long so it covers the top of my bum, so all is well with my sleep set. 

I am planning to make a large bum adjustment on these bottoms for the future, they may also be useful to make a ‘sporty’ bikini bottom, since they have better coverage and less slippage than usual string bikini bottoms.


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