Hello readers, I know you are all anxious to see what I’ve been sewing but the sad truth is…nothing!  I did make my mom a birthday present and made 2 presents for boyfriend’s birthday. 

I sadly packed up all my sewing supplies and my machine on Thursday and won’t be unpacking them until Friday at the very earliest, but most likely Sunday evening. 

I still have quite a few things that I need to finish in early September if I expect to make it through SSS. 

The first thing I’m planning on making when I unpack my machine are some jeggings.  I bought some very stretchy denim and the gold “jeans” thread for all the topstitching, I’ll be using the same legging pattern that I used for my cream leggings but I’ll be adding back patch pockets to the jeggings. 

I also need at least 2 more t-shirts, I bought grey and black jersey to make some tops out of, those are next on the list. 

I’ll start moving Friday and have to be out of the current apartment by Tuesday, I’m very excited about moving and I’m planning some home decor sewing projects, complete with tutorials 🙂


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