SSS posts and October theme

Dear Reader,

Let me apologize in advance for the upcoming SSS posts.  There will be a post everyday with my outfit for the day.  If there is not, please get on here and holler at me for not keeping up.  I do have a few last minute projects for the first week or so of September, once I get my machine unpacked, and all my fabric. 

Now onto October!  Since I have moved into a lovely new apartment and I want it to be a nice grown-up apartment (ie. not a hodge podge of whatever leftover home goods my family members didn’t want) I’ll be doing some home dec projects.  I know some garment sewers tend to laugh at the simplicity of home dec projects ( I do ) but regardless of your feelings, that’s what I’ll be sewing, so that’s what I’ll be posting! 

On the list for home dec projects:

1-a duvet cover

2-an upholstered headboard

3-an outdoor couch with pillows

4-floor pillows for my guests to sit on.


3 responses

  1. Can’t wait to see the upholstered headboard! I’ve been wanting to make one of those myself, so maybe seeing yours will inspire me to actually start it one of these days.
    And I feel really dumb asking this, but what are SSS projects?

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