SSS Day 2

Alrighty day 2!

I’m wearing a top made of cotton voile from a Butterick pattern that I don’t remember right now and a Marie (Burdastyle) made from denim chambray.  The Marie was made about 2-3 years ago, probably one of the few survivors from that period in my sewing adventure, I have lost quite a bit of weight since then and I have neglected my duties to take the Marie in at the waist so I’ve belted the skirt paper-bag style with a store-bought belt.

I’m already noticing huge gaps in my wardrobe that I need to fill…like this week!  I have some very cute not basic skirts but no simple tops to go with them.  Not to mention the interesting time I’m going to have getting dressed for work this weekend.

*I usually only work Sat. and Sun. but since this is a holiday weekend I’ll also be working Mon. to make some extra cash, so I have to come up with 3 work appropriate outfits this weekend.  And I don’t like to wear skirts to work because some of our animals like to lift up my skirt with their tails…little stinkers!

I’m very close to being unpacked which means being very close to sewing!!!!


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