SSS Day 6 Happy Labor Day!

Today I wore my teal batwing t-shirt from the Burdastyle pattern and my pants from the Built by Wendy pattern.

When I first made these pants I was really pleased with the fit but not with the quality or color of the fabric, I had bought this fabric at Walmart for just over $1/yd for practicing pants and I decided to wear the pants cause they are the only khaki pants I own.

After wearing them all day the pants stretched out and kept falling down, and the top kept slipping until my bra was visible, so  don’t think I’ll be wearing these to work again.

Does anyone notice the new addition to my porch?  It’s a light pink Peugeot bicycle!  I’ll be riding it to class on days when the weather is nice 🙂


4 responses

  1. I have some tops like that that I need to shorten or something. I wore one to church yesterday and realized too late I had forgotten to apply the “hidden” safety pin to lessen the risk of too much cleavage at the altar. I casually hitched up the top and pull it toward my back (I was wearing a belt). My son noticed, while we were standing up singing, that the back was low or standing out and he pulled the back forward, therefore lowering the front. I jerked the top up and back, and he pulled the back up. Finally I think he got the point.

    Are the pants just made out of super stretchy fabric? Can you wear a belt? How about suspenders?


    • The fabric isn’t stretchy at all! I have the belt loops cut out but I never stitched them on because I don’t have a belt that is the same width as the yoke, all my belts are super skinny or wide. I think I’ll deal with it for SSS, then toss them.

  2. Hi! Don’t think I’ve commented here before, but love your blog.
    I know what you mean about fabric – I wore a skirt yesterday that originally started life as a muslin, so not the highest quality fabric. It’s fine on it’s own – but when I wear tights with it it rides up so much when I walk – not fun!!!
    Ooo and loving your new bike! 🙂

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