SSS Day 7

For day 7 I wore (am wearing as I write this) one of my kimono sleeve t-shirts that I made recently and one of the reasons I started sewing, a basic blue shirt turned into a skirt!  I saw these a few years ago at Urban Outfitters (for $58) and thought “I could make that!” So I did!  This one has been loved a little too much and may not make it through the month, but not to worry I have some more shirts from the thrift store, just waiting to become skirts. 

So onto the ill look on my face, I’m not sick, I promise.  I have what we call in my family a “nervous tummy” meaning everytime I have something to be nervous/anxious/excited about I feel sick to my stomach and toss my cookies.  So what is making me feel this way today, you ask?  Well this afternoon boyfriend and I went shopping…for an engagement ring!  We still have a few more stores to go to this week, then I’ll narrow it down to 2 or 3 favorites, then he’s going to surprise me later 🙂

I’ve made it a week without any repeats!  I’ve almost gone through all my casual separates, so this week plan to see more dresses!


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    • Thanks, congratulations are always welcome 🙂

      To make the skirt, you need a longish shirt to start with. first you cut off the sleeves and the yoke/collar. then you turn the shirt inside out and put it on (you may need a buddy for the next part). Pinch and pin it into a sort of bell shape with lots of extra room at the waist and the hips. then sew the side seams where you pinned. to finish the waist I did an elastic casing with thin elastic (maybe 1/4 or 3/8ths of an inch)

      I may do a tutorial later this month or in October when I make my next one.

  1. Oh congratulations on the ring thats on its way!!!! I have a strange feeling that I may be getting a ring soon too – scary biscuits!

    I love making skirts out of men’s shirts too. And I just made a smocked/shirred halterneck out of one – have been wearing in during SSS if you want to check my blog.

    Loving your kimono top.

  2. Congrats in advance! How exciting and I totally understand being nervous about it, too. Show us the ring when you get it!!
    Great “men’s shirt skirt” – such a cool idea! The next time my guy discards one of his shirts, I’m totally trying that for myself 🙂

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