SSS Day 10!

Today I’m wearing a racerback tank dress (as a top) made from purple jersey and a Built by Wendy pattern and a skirt made from Walmart upholstery fabric from the Sew Everything Workshop book’s pencil skirt pattern.

I’ll be wearing these to class, to get my haircut, and to a meeting (school meeting, not work meeting)

How is SSS going for those of you participating?


One response

  1. Nice outfit! I think I have that book somewhere buried in the morass. I have always loved Upholstery fabrics.

    I was extreme;y tempted this afternoon. I got a TALBOT’s catalog and there, on the front, was a 3/4 length leopard-looking velvet coat, dark brown and black. Beautiful! Beautiful! It was really calling to me – fortunately, I knew the price was totally out of my range (for this particular time of year anyway). I am tempted to go by a store sometime and see how it would look- forbidden fruit…..


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