SSS Day 11

OMG I am the queen of making weird faces right when the timer goes off, this morning someone across the courtyard was staring at me so I felt weird! 

Today I’m wearing the same black full skirt from last Saturday and a denimy (not actually denim) top that I made from a vintage pattern.  Lots of stuff to do today, sorry for the short post. 

So here it is on Day 11 my first repeat!  I’m pretty proud of myself cause I thought that I’d make it like 4 days before a repeat.  I still haven’t exhausted my handmade closet, just the work options 🙂  I think that it is more fun to sew “play clothes” or clothes that I can wear out, while I’m having fun than drab stuff to wear to the office.  I do need to make more pants though! 

I got my haircut yesterday!  I love the length and style of the cut but the bangs are too short!  They will probably be where I like them in about 2-3 weeks.  In the mean time I’m pressing them down to my forehead everytime I get a chance. 

Last night I FINALLY got my sewing machine unpacked :)!!!!!! I probably won’t get to use it until next weekend because I have a busy school week ahead.

Have a great weekend!


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