SSS Day 13

Today was all about comfort since I was in class from 10 am to 7:30pm (damn you, special exam periods!).  I wore my denim capris from the BWOF pattern that I made a few months ago and my cream sweatshirt kimono tee.  This is the closest to my comfy jeans and a hoodie that I can get with my handmade clothes. 

Dressing myself this morning was like dressing a cranky 4 year old, I was having a fit!  I didn’t want to wear anything that I had made (i wanted my comfy jeans and a hoodie)  but I powered through and stuck to my pledge!

This fit was probably because I had thrown most of my clothes that I’ve worn for the past 2 weeks in the washer this morning before I got dressed so all my nice handmade clothes that I wanted to wear were going through the wash when I was in my closet this morning.

How is SSS going for ya’ll?  Any child-like fits in the morning?


3 responses

  1. actually i had a fit this morning while getting dressed as well….the handmade clothes i wanted to wear were either in the wash or suddenly too tight and fraying from just being washed. i invoked my “i can wear vintage” card and wore my fave plaid keds with comfy jeans and a hoodie 🙂 now i need to make a hoodie!

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