Mini Project!

So as I mentioned in a previous post my sewing machine is finally set up!  I decided to rev the engine after 3…almost 4 weeks of sitting in a bag with a little mini project. 

Maybe its the stress of finishing up college and all the looming deadlines, maybe its sewing machine dettachment issues, whatever the reason, I’ve been having migraines lately.  I decided what would make me feel a thousand times better would be a nice cold eye compress.  So I made one.  I have this huge piece of plaid fabric that I bought from walmart…5 years ago that has been taking up precious space on my bookfabric shelves, so I used a tiny piece of it tonight (about 9*9 inches) to make this little eye pouch, I folded it in half sewed 2 of the side, left one side open, poured some rice in and stitched up the last side.  I put it in the freezer and let it chill, then pulled it out to put on my eyes.

FYI the tank top I’m about to go to sleep in is self-stitched 🙂


2 responses

  1. Is that the sort of thing that can be also used as a hot pack? Warmed in the microwave? I had something like that this weekend but I thought it was sinus or eye strain (terrible pain in the eye and nose) I might try making myself one of those rice bags. I would be very handy to have- I made do with washcloths, either full of very hot water and wrung out, them put in the microwave, etc. – or full of very cold water, wrung out, and put over the nose and eye. I didn’t see that either helped me- but I think I’ll try the rice next time.

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