Blogging Momentum

So far September has made blogging a lot easier, because of SSS I have something to blog about everyday.  In previous months I’ve tried to stick to writing posts when I have something to show you all, but during certain parts of the year (exam time) that can be difficult.  Not only am I not producing garments, I don’t have  the free time to write posts on inspiration and the like. 

When I started this blog I didn’t think it would go anywhere, I thought maybe I’d get a few readers or give the web address to my grandmothers (they are always asking me what I’ve made recently) the first few months were slow, I had very few views per day…like 2, thats like accidently stumbling upon my blog 😦  But I’m really glad I stuck with it because now I have all you lovely readers and I’m nearing 10,000 views 🙂


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